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Creation of Human Resources (HR) function
Building HR function will help the company to eliminate the existing gaps at the stage of seeking and electing qualified personnel. The company will, through this training, focus more on current market demands than traditional personnel search practices, achieve quality versus quantity, and build a better personnel hierarchy.
Building salary management process
Management of the system of calculating fixed salary portion (summary of the existing system identifying the fixed portion of salary for all employee categories), including also adjustment of regulations relating to dismissal and relocation from one position to another
Building motivational factors plan
It is a priority task for a modern manager wishing to develop personnel motivation system at the enterprise and set up a maximum efficient work process for the company.
Building and introducing HR transformation process
A company shall take into its future in long-term perspective at decisions made by HR today. Assuming new authorities such as constant personnel development and analysis of company dividends from various prisms, HR role as a partner poised to ensure business successes through gradual development and reorganization of human capacity
Building grading (classification) system
It is challenging to find a universal payment method considering interests of both employer and employee. Companies try to pay salary considering always their own goals, while employees try to get as much payment as possible not to quit the job. Grading system “ties” desired salary with the performance logic and helps to address the concerns associated with employee motivation.
Creation of HR strategy
Company strategy in human resources management field shall meet business demands as it is an integral part of organization’s general development strategy. Such a strategy outlines the coefficients and criteria to assess overall work performance ability, its goals and duties, ways of achieving such goals and duties, development and implementation of plans.