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“Opalus Partners Group” company was set up in 2019. The company’s business goal is to shape your organization through the most necessary HR advice and solutions, provide the best practices and approaches to accomplish the desired task that will, in turn, enable your organization to adopt better business decisions and start-up even more advanced business activity.

We have thoroughly cultivated consultative approach methods that will meet business-oriented, practical, and modern requirements by the best practices gained at international corporations, as well as global projects regularly implemented in conjunction with our partners with good standing on the international scale and this enable us to identify the key gaps in the HR management process and develop optimistic strategies. This means striking balance between business and HR requirements and the provision of support and coaching (training) services for more successful and effective performance by business leaders and their respective teams.

“Opalus Partners Group” works with “Digital Solution” as a digital technology applied by the world’s most successful corporations.  Daily transforming and modifying the modern market is further enriched with advanced technologies and innovations in manufacturing, science, and technology fields. Formation and improvement of digital solutions enhanced work capacity and gave impetus to the emergence of new approaches to maximize work efficiency apart from driving rational labor management and regulation of HR on regulatory market requirements.

Currently, HR technologies are capable of yielding a larger benefit than merely automating existing practices.  “Opalus Partners Group” is further simplifying HR processes utilizing namely these technologies.


Integrity and objectiveness

We are committed to the most preferred and desirable rational candidate solutions for our customers

Corporate Responsibility

Bear personal responsibility for our activities, decisions, actions, and outcomes

Customer care

At the core of all of our initiatives stand customer focus and care

Beneficial Partnership

Our goal is to build strong business relationships with our partners constantly growing in domestic and foreign markets and ensure corporate harmony

Our business outlook:

We aim to develop organizational productivity at all phases of our work with customers, maximize personnel’s productivity coefficient, and build strong work performance through experience. Achievement of all these will help the company applying to us to constantly increase its revenues alongside the ability to make an optimum profit.

Our mission:

Serve our customers through creative solutions and high – quality processes to support their mission and business needs by providing them with the best professional services.

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