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TRAININGSDevelopment is one of the qualities standing above perfectness.

The trainings held inside the company is the best opportunity to enhance the knowledge base of all employees. Developmental trainings provide unique privileges substantiating both costs and timing spent both on individuals and company as a whole. High ROI gained from training and development of employees is indeed undeniable. Improved employee performance, high employee satisfaction and motivation, their work on weak points, leader development, employee retention, promotion of company image may be enumerated among the advantages the trainings will likely yield for the company. So, trainings today are not only vital, but also necessary for the company.

Basing on these precepts, ``Opalus Partners Group`` arranges trainings on different topics –both in human resources fields and “soft skills” trainings. The primary goal of our trainings is to help employees to further develop their knowledge and skills gained.

HR Business-partnership

  • The role of the HR business partner in the organization
  • Getting acquainted with the best practices of the HR business partner in the organization
  • Learning the competencies that a HR business partner needs

HR Fundamentals

  • HR education modules
  • HR Business partner
  • Organizational process planning
  • Reward management

Talent Management

  • The main features of the organization’s workforce and modern approaches to its management
  • Employee recruitment and retention strategies
  • Mastering the methods of compiling, evaluating and developing skills

Personal Branding

  • The concept of creating a personal brand;
  • Protect the brand you create;
  • Proper use of your personal brand;

Chimnaz Gasimova, founder of “Opalus Partners Group” company is a highly qualified professional with 20 years track record in various fields of HR management at international companies doing business in oil, banking and consulting areas. She has arranged various trainings over the last 5 years of her carrier and holds HR trainings for officers of HR departments in oil & gas, finance, consulting, and other areas, including also workshops on various topics for university students and volunteers.

There are two key factors making her trainings unique: preference to practice versus theory. Mrs. Chimnaz assumes maximum practice is needed to gain knowledge or skill and this is why major portion of the trainings held by her is devoted to practice. Still second unique factor is building tasks upon real cases (situations). She has faced numerous interesting cases and experiences over her 20 years of professional carrier, which she is currently using for her trainings.

HR related trainings

  • Basics of personnel management
  • HR business – partner
  • Employee assessment and grading system
  • Hiring and selection
  • Basics of law for HR professionals in personnel management field
  • Talents management
  • Management through incentivization
  • Performance management

“Soft Skills” trainings

  • Effective management
  • Organizational development”
  • Team work skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Personal branding
  • Management of change
  • Team coaching
  • Problem solving
  • Crisis management

Depending on requests, the following trainings may also be arranged for customers:

  • Company (business) organization according to its business course, strategic goals and plans;
  • Significance and organization of HR division at companies ( public and private);
  • HR division and its relations with other structural units;
  • HR policy and concept, goal and strategy, mid- and long-term plans;
  • HR functions ( hiring, planning, training, development and etc.), essence and interrelationship;
  • Adjustment tools and mechanisms of HR system ( job descriptions, work flow charts and etc.);
  • Development of Regulations for HR and other divisions;
  • Development of HR procedures, instructions, and internal regulations;
  • HR reporting system, demand and supply forecast;.
  • Analysis of market trends, legislative acts, stability index and life time management;
  • Redundancy management, transformation from HR Planning to Strategic Planning and etc.
  • Performance management training with BOS Shelf
  • HR Fundamentals
  • HR Business Partnership